Dealer, Soil and Beau Séjour win big at the Flemish Ensor Awards 2022

On the 12 of March, the Flemish film and television prizes, also known as the Ensors, were awarded. After last year's digital edition, Kursaal Oostende welcomed 800 attendees this year.

Flemish comedian and actor Guga Baúl opened the ceremony, with co-hosts Jennifer Heylen, Stijn Coninx, Bert Hamelinck and Minister-President Jan Jambon. The winners in 22 categories were announced in a mix of live awards and video excerpts.

Savage Film's Dealer was the absolute winner in the Film category. This film by Jeroen Perceval managed to cash in no fewer than nine out of fourteen nominations, with the Ensors for Best Film, Best Direction (Film), Best Screenplay (Film), Best Actor in a Supporting Role (Film) for Bart Hollanders, Best D.O.P. for David Williamson, Best Sound for Yanna Soentjens, Best Music for Stan Lee Cole, Best Make-up for Dorien Van Poucke and Best Art Direction Bart Van Loo. Perceval's directorial debut also won the Telenet Audience Award.

For television, Soil and Beau Séjour 2 were the big winners. Soil, the Lunanime production by directors Adil El Arbi, Bilall Fallah and Mathieu Mortelmans, was awarded the Ensors for Best TV Series, Best Screenplay (TV Series) and Best Actor in a Leading Role (TV Series) for Yassine Ouaich. The Beau Séjour 2 fiction series by De Mensen was able to cash in on just as many Ensors: Best Director (TV Series) for Kaat Beels and Nathalie Basteyns, Best Editing for Bert Jacobs and Best Costume Design for Catherine Marchand.

The Ghent boxing drama Cool Abdoul by Potemkino Productions did not go home empty-handed either. Nabil Mallat won the Ensor for Best Actor in a Leading Role (Film). In addition, Red Light also won prizes. Geert Van Rampelberg won the Ensor for Best Actor in a Supporting Role (TV Series) for the Flemish-Dutch co-production of Eyeworks. Hi My Name is Jonny Polonsky from Woestijnvis and Het leven in kleur van Panenka were the winners in the categories Documentary Film and Documentary TV. The Ensor for Best Youth Fiction went to My Dad is a Sausage. For Best Animation the Ensor went to Ben Tesseur and Steven De Beul of Beast Animation for their Meneer Papier.

The Ensor for International Achievement, awarded by the members of the board of directors of The Ensors, known as the Albert Bert Prize, went to Bert Hamelinck of Caviar. He won two Oscars for The Sound Of Metal with his production company Caviar.

Last week, during the Ostend Film Festival, we looked ahead to the Gala of De Ensors. Some winners have already been announced there. Un Monde not only won the Ensor for Best Co-production, but also for Best French-speaking Belgian production. Composer Ruben De Gheselle was also awarded Young Talent of the Year with the support of BNP Paribas Fortis. From a shortlist of five short films, Binge Loving by Thomas Deknop won the Ensor for Best Short Film. In the turbulent year for the film industry, Nachtwacht 3: the Day of the Blood Moon won the Box Office Award. Finally, the Ostend Film Festival presented three Lifetime Achievement Awards: to actress Sien Eggers, to the Dutch brothers Alex and Marc van Warmerdam and to Arno. In addition, Arno was also honoured with a real honorary hedge.

The Results

Best Documentary (Film)

  • ALL-IN
  • Dark Rider
  • Four Seasons in a Day
  • Hi My Name is Jonny Polonsky WINNER
  • Holgut

Best Documentary (TV)

  • Als je eens wist - seizoen 2
  • Als je ons kan horen
  • Borderline
  • Het leven in kleur WINNER
  • Het Scheldepeloton

Best Sound

  • Eddy de Cloe - Beau Séjour 2
  • Geert Vlegels - Soil
  • Simone Galavazi - Cool Abdoul
  • Yanna Soentjens - Dealer WINNER
  • Yanna Soentjens, Arne Winderickx - F*** You Very, Very Much

Best Music

  • Faisal Chatar, Yello Staelens - Soil
  • Jeroen Swinnen - Beau Séjour 2
  • Jeroen De Pessemier, Lieven Van Pée- Cool Abdoul
  • King Dick, Yorgos Tsakiridis, Mounir Hathout - F*** You Very, Very Much
  • Stan Lee Cole - Dealer WINNER

Best Scenario (TV Series)

  • Bert Scholiers - F*** You Very, Very Much
  • Esther Gerritsen, Christophe Dirickx, Frank Ketelaar, Halina Reijn - Red Light
  • Nico Moolenaar, Piet Matthys, Tibbe van Hoof, Pieter De Graeve - Undercover 3
  • Sanne Nuyens, Roel Mondelaers, Bert Van Dael - Beau Séjour 2
  • Wannes Cappelle, Zouzou Ben Chikha, Dries Heyneman - Grond WINNER

Best Scenario (Film)

  • Habacuc Antonio De Rosario, Teodora Ana Mihai - La Civil
  • Jean-Claude van Rijckeghem - My Dad Is A Sausage
  • Jeroen Perceval - Dealer WINNER
  • Jonas Baeckeland, Fikry El Azzouzi, Wouter Van Haver - Cool Abdoul
  • Nico Moolenaar, Bart Uytdenhouwen - Ferry

Best Art Direction

  • Bart Van Loo - Beau Séjour 2
  • Bart Van Loo - Dealer WINNER
  • Kurt Rigolle - F*** You Very, Very Much
  • Stijn Verhoeven - Red Light
  • Stijn Verhoeven - Soil

Best Make-Up

  • Dorien Van Poucke - Dealer WINNER
  • Els Van Lierde - Soil
  • Esther De Goey - Beau Séjour 2
  • Liesbet Fijalka - F*** You Very, Very Much
  • Patricia Grant - Cool Abdoul

Best Costumes

  • Catherine Marchand - Beau Séjour 2 WINNER
  • Laura Gryseels - F*** You Very, Very Much
  • Manon Blom - Dealer
  • Manu Verschueren - Soil
  • Nathalie Leborgne - Cool Abdoul

Best Direction (Film)

  • Jeroen Perceval - Dealer WINNER
  • Teodora Ana Mihai - La Civil
  • Jonas Baeckeland - Cool Abdoul
  • Cecilia Verheyden - Ferry
  • Anouk Fortunier - My Dad Is A Sausage

Best Direction (TV Series)

  • Adil El Arbi, Bilall Fallah & Mathieu Mortelmans - Soil
  • Anke Blondé & Wouter Bouvijn - Red Light
  • Bert Scholiers & Jonas Govaerts - F*** You Very, Very Much
  • Joël Vanhoebrouck - Undercover 3
  • Kaat Beels & Nathalie Basteyns - Beau Séjour 2 WINNER

Best D.O.P.

  • Anton Mertens - Beau Séjour 2
  • David Williamson - Dealer WINNER
  • Konrad Widelski - Undercover 3
  • Maximiliaan Dierickx - Soil
  • Wim Vanswijgenhoven - Red Light

Best Editor

  • Alain Dessauvage - La Civil
  • Bert Jacobs - Beau Séjour 2 WINNER
  • Bert Jacobs, Maarten Janssens - F*** You Very, Very Much
  • Maarten Janssens - Dealer
  • Nico Leunen, Fatih Tura - Cool Abdoul

Best Acting Performance in a Leading Role (Film) 

  • Ben Segers - Dealer
  • Elise Schaap - Ferry
  • Frank Lammers - Ferry
  • Nabil Mallat - Cool Abdoul WINNER
  • Sverre Rous - Dealer

Best Acting Performance in a Supporting Role (Film)

  • Bart Hollanders - Dealer WINNER
  • Idries Bensbaho - Cool Abdoul
  • Monic Hendrickx - Ferry
  • Veerle Baetens - Dealer
  • Viviane De Muynck - Red Sandra

Best Acting Performance in a Leading Role (TV Series)

  • Carice van Houten - Red Light
  • Frances Lefebure - F*** You Very, Very Much
  • Gene Bervoets - Beau Séjour 2
  • Natali Broods - Déjà Vu
  • Yassine Ouaich - Grond WINNER

Best Acting Performance in a Supporting Role  (TV Series)

  • Els Olaerts - F*** You Very, Very Much
  • Emilie De Roo - Beau Séjour 2
  • Jonas Geirnaert - F*** You Very, Very Much
  • Geert Van Rampelberg - Red Light WINNER
  • Greet Verstraete - Beau Séjour 2

Best Short Film

  • Binge Loving WINNER
  • De dag die wit was
  • Forestkeeper
  • Los Veo
  • Z bratem

Best Animation

  • Boerke
  • Meneer Papier WINNER
  • Mush-Mush en de Zwammetjes
  • Ninja Express
  • Rintje 2

Best Youth Fiction

  • 3Hz
  • De Familie Claus 2
  • De Gebroeders Schimm
  • My Dad Is A Sausage WINNER
  • Sinterklaas en Koning Kabberdas

Best TV Series

  • Beau Séjour 2
  • F*** You Very, Very Much
  • Soil WINNER
  • Red Light
  • Undercover 3

Best Film

  • Cool Abdoul
  • Dealer WINNER
  • Ferry
  • La Civil
  • Rookie